S4 Scouting - Free Interactive Scouting Course

Welcome to the S4 Scouting - Taster Interactive Scouting Course. This free course is an introduction to our Interactive e-Learning scouting course - Level 1.

This short course will give you an example of what to expect from our e-learning scouting courses. On this course you will have the opportunity to complete video tasks testing your scouting observations and you will be able to answer a multi choice quiz to test your knowledge and progress through the course.

Course Written by Professional Football Scout -

Ged Searson

Ged Searson has over 25 years of football coaching experience and over 11 years experience as a scout in professional football to deliver Scouting Workshops and Courses of the highest level. As a former English Premier League First Team Domestic and European scout and Chief Scout of two Football League clubs, Ged passes on his vast knowledge through our interactive Courses.

Videos Tasks

Video examples to test your observations

Multi-Choice Quiz's

Multi-Choice Quiz's to test your observations and knowledge

Free Taster Course